Award recipients have helped to shape our sector as a vibrant conributor to the progress of the rotational moulding industry in one of these ways.

•   A significant scientific/engineering/equipment invention or breakthrough
•    Development of an outstanding product/market/ end-use niche or business endeavor
•    Long and valuable service to a segment/constituency/discipline/association /etc. of the rotational moulding industry
•   A record of constructive, collaborative action with government/academic/consumer/ environmental/or other groups
•    Dedicated the majority of their professional career to the Rotational Moulding Industry;
•    Have made an outstanding personal contribution to the Rotational Moulding Industry;
•    Helped to create growth through innovation, astute business practices and the development of new opportunities;
•    Demonstrated leadership in the industry through their engagement with partners at the local, national and international levels;
•   Have left a positive lasting legacy within their business/organization , as well as the people with whom they have worked with.

Meet Our Industry Icons

Professor Roy Crawford

Garth Galloway

Lothar Zillian

Dario Masutti

Sally Beets

Graham Cole

Kerry Hall

Peter Unkles

Ian Hansen

Greg Holmes

Leisa Donlan

David Stoopman


Colin Kiel