Materials for rotational moulding come in a rainbow of colours and so decoration may not alwaysbe necessary however to make the most of your product and to focus your consumers on your company’s brand there are some fantastic decoration options for rotomolding.Moulders can even mix colours to make your part look like stone marble or just a funky blend of bright colours.

Clever use of the materials can give you everything from a stone effect to a lace like finish on parts of the product.

Many products include colourful permanent graphics that are added either during or after the moulding process.The design of graphics is only limited by your imagination and the parameters of the part you are manufacturing.They become a permanent feature of the product.Graphics can also include individually individual serial numbers to help track your products and match production records.

Products can also be decorated with special spray paint type products.Normal paint doesn’t adhere well to polyethelyne.These speciality paints allow you to create unique individual designs or similar designs with difficult shapes.

If aesthetics aren’t vital for your product you can still decorate or mark your part using metal plates or imprints.

No matter what your decoration requirements rotational moulders have a great solution to suite your needs.

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