A Practical Guide to Rotational Moulding (Roy J. Crawford and Mark P. Kearns)

This book – A Practical Guide to Rotational Moulding – describes the basic aspects of rotational moulding and includes information on the latest state of the art developments in the industry. A key feature of the approach is to use photographs wherever possible to illustrate the points that are being made. This book will be useful to those new to the industry as well as those who are experienced in some aspects of the process.

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Rotational Moulding: Design Materials Tooling and Processing (Glenn L. Beall)

This book was written as a guide to the rotational moulding process. It informs on how to understand and use this manufacturing technique to its maximum capabilities. The reader will gain a broader understanding of this process and will be in a better position to design and develop low cost high quality plastic parts which will work right on the first try.

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Rotational Moulding: Theory & Practice

This fantastic easy to read complete guide to the process and design was originally authored by members of the Italian Association and it has recently been translated into English by ARMA.The book includes comprehensive chapters on the process machines moulds materials thermal cycles designing secondary operations and other applications for the process.It’s the newest “must have” for your specialist library.

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